Course Details

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

Dates: October 20-21, 2018

Course Type: Critical Care Ultrasound Course (15.25 hours of CME) - CUC

Hotel: No info provided

Space Available: Yes - Register Now!

This two day course focuses primarily on ultrasound applications in the critically ill patient. This course contains some content similar to that found in the Introductory Course, but more focused for the ICU and emergency medicine physician. We cover basic topics initially then move through cardiac, vascular access, abdominal pathology and critical care ultrasound. Like all of our courses this two day course can be tailored for your group to cover just the topics you are interested in learning. This course is approved for up to 15.25 hours of category 1 CME including the online content offered. 

The course will be located at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center which is located at 1101 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC 29201. There are several hotels close to the convention center however, the two that are just steps outside the door are The Hampton Inn ( or 803-231-2000) and The Hilton Columbia Center ( or 803-744-2800). 

Critical Care Ultrasound Course Sample Agenda
Day 1
0730-0800 Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound
Where we have been and where we are going
0800-0845 Physics and Fundamentals
A concise and simplified explanation of ultrasound physics.
0845-0900 Break
0900-0945 Instrumentation
How do I turn on the machine? Which probe do I use? How do I prepare the patient? What am I looking at?
0945-1000 Break
1000-1200 Abdominal & Retroperitoneal Ultrasound
These lectures cover the anatomy of abdominal and retroperitoneal structures including, abdominal vasculature, gallbladder, spleen, liver and kidney. We also review the important pathology you will need to be able to recognize by ultrasound.
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Pulmonary Ultrasound
We review applications for ultrasound in the pulmonary cavity. This include information on evaluating CHF, effusions, pneumothorax and infiltrates with ultrasound.
1330-1630 Training Lab
Day 2
0800-0900 Cardiac Ultrasound
The best diagnostic tool for the patient in shock or cardiac arrest. The ONLY study to find a pericardial effusion.
0900-0915 Break
0915-1015 Ultrasound Guided Procedures
This lecture covers how to use ultrasound to assist the performance of multiple procedures, from central lines to thoracentesis.
1015-1030 Break


DVT Evaluation
This lecture covers how to use ultrasound to assess your patients for life threatening DVT's
1115-1215 Lunch
1215-1315 Ultrasound Guided Resuscitation
We will review how to use all the information you gain with ultrasound to guide your management of the critically ill patient. This lecture helps you put the whole picture together and is full of great case examples to help solidify your understanding.
 1315-1415  Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access
An overview of how to use ultrasound to help guide central venous access and peripheral venous access. Multiple Phantoms are used in lab to help students get real time practice.
1415-1715 Training Lab