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Lower Torso Femoral Vessels and Nerve (no pump)

Lower Torso Femoral Vessels and Nerve (no pump)

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  Excellent for ultrasound guided central venous access, femoral artery  catheterization, as well as regional anesthesia training. Blue Phantom's lower torso training platform contains both the femoral artery and vein for arterial catheterization and central venous access as well as the femoral nerve for regional anesthesia ultrasound training. Experience superb imaging characteristics and durability.  Use ultrasound guidance to cannulate and thread catheters and perform simulated regional anesthesia procedures. Three pumping configurations are available; without pulsing arteries, hand-pump generated arterial pulses, and an automated arterial pumping system.  All configurations available with an optional DVT in the femoral vein for ultrasound assessment of deep vein thrombosis.
·          Contains femoral artery, vein and nerve
·          Allows for full threading of guidewires and catheters
·          Inject into model to verify needle tip location and simulate anesthetic infusion
·          Injected fluid is expelled allowing for repeated use
·          Self sealing vessels and tissue
·          Excellent for ultrasound guided arterial catheterization and central venous access ·          Optional femoral thrombus for DVT identification training
·          Choose from non-pulsatile arteries, hand pump generated arterial pulses, or an automated pumping system (prices vary dependent on configuration)
·          Uncompromising image quality allows you to teach using sonographically accurate models
·          Extremely durable; use for repeated training
·          EasyFill portTM allows for continual infusion of simulated venous blood
·          Contains anatomical landmarks for the most realistic simulation training
·          Excellent for "blind" insertion central venous access technique training
·          Practice using ultrasound system controls
·          Modular design
·          High quality
·          Patented technology 
·          No special storage needs
·          Includes simulated blood refill solution
·          Size 25 x 19 x 12 (L x W x H)
·          Weight 40 lbs

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