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Ultrasound is an amazing bedside imaging technology that can be used by any clinician. Within minutes of encountering a patient, the clinician can use ultrasound to not only rapidly diagnose or exclude important pathologies, it can dramatically improve the safety and success of procedures.

3rd Rock Ultrasound is committed to providing the best education in the latest bedside ultrasound techniques. Working with the best ultrasound educators in the world, we have presented over two thousand courses to over 20,000 healthcare providers in a dozen countries. Our faculty come from diverse backgrounds including emergency medicine, critical care, cardiology, orthopedics, and pediatrics.

Technological innovation in bedside ultrasound is pushing this imaging modality to a universal presence in clinical medicine. Don't be left out. Learning ultrasound is much easier that you think, and no other company has more experience at helping you make the biggest change you will ever experience in caring for your patients.

We offer multiple courses throughout the year at attractive locations. However, we can also come to your location and help instruct your entire staff.

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